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North East Aquatic Community
The North East Aquatic Community (NEAC) has been set up by a group of aquarists from the North East of England but is open to free membership for any individual regardless of their location. Our aim is to promote the correct keeping of all forms of aquatic fauna and flora and, through this forum we want to encourage and help all fish keepers whether beginner, novice or the more experienced, to help us to achieve this aim through their active membership.
Forum Rules
Rules are put in place to protect you the member
New Members Introduction
Just joined? Why not introduce yourself and what type of fish you keep. We are a friendly bunch on the forum so just take a minute and say Hi.
Upcoming Events

Sponsor's Section Only
Blaydon Exotics

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Aquatic Categories
Central & South American Cichlids
Discuss Central and South American cichlids here.
Malawi Cichlids
If Malawi's are your thing then discuss it here.
NewEra Food trials and reviews
All reviews about New Era foods in this thread.
Tanganyikan Cichlids
If Tangs are what you're into, lets hear your views on this section.
Anything Discus, discuss here.

It's all about the Barbs.
Awesome fish, talk about them here.
All Other Cichlids
If you're into any other cichlids other than Tangs, Malawis and the Americans, bung it on this section.
All to do with cats, place it here.
All Cichlid categories in one place.
Tetra's. Dollar's & Piranha's Etc.
Danios & Rasboras


A forum to discuss the more unusual aquarium fish - Arowanas, Eels, Knifefish, Polypterus, Puffers, Rays and more...
Killie Fish




All other Tropical Fish


If it's saltwater fish you keep then place it here.
Coldwater Fish & Ponds
A cool area of the forum for coldwater fish and outdoor ponds.

All Other Barbs

Fish Health
Got a problem with the health of your fish and need advice, or do you have any handy hints to prevent problems?
Corydoras & Aspidoras

L Numbers / Plecs Etc


Wish List
Tell us about the fish you dream of having one day, what is on your wish list?
All Other Catfish

African Tetra

New World Tetra

Bettas / Fighters

All Other Characins

All Other Anabantoids

Guppies, Endler's, Mollies and other Poecilia

Breeding Record
Share your breeding successes, share tips. Use as a record of your success.
Xiphophorus (Platies and Swordtails)

All Other Liverbearer's

Reptiles and Amphibians
Newts, frogs & turtles etc.
Marine Fish


Corals and other Invertebrates

Fancy Goldfish

What's this fish
Having trouble identifying a fish, ask here.
Koi Carp

All Other Coldwater

New Life Spectrum reviews
All reviews about New Life Spectrum in this thread.
Fish Discussions
General discussion area about any fish.
C.E. Fish Essentials reviews
All reviews about C.E. Fish Essentials in this thread.
Dr Bassleer Biofish Food reviews
All reviews about Dr Bassleer Biofish Food in this thread.
Classified Ads
For Sale
All things aquatic, sell them here. Please look at the announcement within this section 1st.
Looking for something then ask here first.
Want to give it away, then offer it to members first.
Swap It!
Would rather swap than sell, get that deal done here.
Out & About
Been somewhere interesting, that has a fish interest, tell us all about it.
All Auction Info
All the auction info you will need, from reviews, dates, photos and OUR auction. Its all in here.
Retailers - The Good & The Bad
Tell us about your local aquatic retailer good or bad.
All the latest on the auction front from our guy Kenny.
Recommended Sellers
If you have had a GOOD experience buying from a private seller, please let us know.
Auction Reviews
Local auctions reviewed by forum members, good or bad, tell us what you thought.
General Discussion Board
All discussion sections in one place.
Local Fish Clubs (Societies)
Find out information here about local societies, meeting times, venues etc.
Equipment Discussions
What's the best Airpump? What powerhead should I get? This is a place to ask any equipment related questions.
Share your links for Fish related items here.
OUR Auction
Here we will discuss the possibility of holding an auction for the forum, your thoughts here please.
Retailers & Sellers
Topics about retailers and private sellers.
Showing Fish
If you are thinking about showing fish, take a look in here.
Help & Advice
General help and advice questions in here.
Chat About Anything
General chat about anything.
Aquatic Plants
If it grows in your tank and its leafy this is the section for you.
Ask Sid
Ask Sid to research something on the internet for you, remember its ASK SID!
Fish House Section
Discuss your fish house with other members or place your photo's here.
General Information
Info about websites, clubs & society's in this section.
Rays of Sunshine Charity 2015/16
All information about this years charity.
Tank Pictures
Share your tank photo's with the members.
General Pictures
If it's an aquatic picture you want to show then post here.
Rogues Gallery
Stick a pic of yourself in here, so we know who's face the name belongs to.
Planted Tanks
Got a nice plated tank? Show it off here.
Bonus Ball
Bonus Ball Entry
Entry only allowed to Bonus Ball usergroup members. To become a member you must have 10 posts minimum, then request to join the group. Admin will grant eligible members access.
Pic of the Month, Just For Fun
Pic of the Month
Entry only allowed to Pic of the Month usergroup members. To become a member you must have 10 posts minimum, then request to join the group. Admin will grant eligible members access.
Mystery Fish Competition, Just for fun.
Mystery Fish Comp
For just a bit of fun, post a photo here of a mystery fish, see how long it takes to guess it.
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